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      Color coated with a corrosion-resistant, anti-aging, easy molding, colorful, beautiful appearance, environmental friendliness, is an alternative to wood and other materials, important buildings, appliances materials. Maanshan Iron and Steel building caitu diversity of species, can meet your factories, warehouses, villas, large stadiums, cultural facilities, high-end architectural engineering applications. According to requirements of different buildings, river health can provide different performance of color-coated for you.

Ordinary polyesters(PE)

Ordinary color-coated polyester coating, using conventional polyester paint finish front, under normal conditions warranty period 7--10 years. The product is affordable, excellent durability and can meet the requirements of ordinary buildings.

Polyvinylidene fluoride class(PVDF)

PVDF Color-coated front finish coating containing fluorocarbon fluorocarbon resin coating. PVDF is polyvinylidene fluoride polymer, has good stability, corrosion resistance and mechanical properties, under normal conditions, the warranty period of over 20 years, mainly for the needs of high-grade long-term protection of buildings (such as airports, stadiums, etc.) or more serious building (such as the sea, heavy polluted or city centers) Regional environmental corrosion.

Silicon-modified polyesters(SMP)

SMP Positive finish coat color-coated silicon modified polyester coatings that coating has excellent hardness, wear resistance and heat resistance, outdoor durability than ordinary polyester, under normal conditions, the warranty period 10- 20 years and has a good cost advantage.

High durability polyester-based(HDP)

HDP Color-coated front coating polyester paint finish is highly weather. Compared with ordinary color-coated polyester, the price is slightly higher, but the product's durability, formability excellent warranty period of 15 years, to meet the durability requirements of high-end buildings.



One line production process


NOTE: (A) crimson color | △ E | ≤1.5, white series △ L, △ a, △ b values were ≤0.5;
       (B) a thickness> 1.0mm steel made bent 180 °, without cracking the coating. May be sandwiched two former board test results if the two plates sandwiched paint, three board does not paint, it can be produced; if the clip three board paint, will not be produced;
       (C) metallic paint varieties MEK≥50;
       (D) European standard export products usually gloss coating (excluding metallic coating): Front 30 ± 5, on the back of 25 ± 5; T bending performance in accordance with the European standard 10169 testing, 10 times the magnifying glass to control no cracks; any other requirements , based on action.
       (E) high durability paint pencil hardness by F control, HB release.

Steel coating performance test items, sample number and test methods

Mechanical properties of color coated steel

              Mechanical properties of color-coated galvanized substrate table B.1 、B.2 And B.3

Mechanical properties of color-coated cold-rolled substrate

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